Warbirds, Outrider Studios’ brand new game is up on Indiegogo

Outrider Studios is proud to present our latest RPG. Warbirds is a diesel-punk air combat adventure game. It’s full of high-flying action, interesting characters, and a fantastic setting.

We are now crowdfunding the game via Indiegogo. Check it out, donate, and help bring Warbirds to life.

Designer’s Blog

Want to read more about writer Steve Bergeron’s thoughts on gaming and GMing? Check out his blog at The Armoured Writer.

Edge PDFs Now For Sale With Paizo.com

The Paizo.com store is now selling Edge PDFs for only $12.00. If you want a hard copy, you can order it from the Outrider Store, and we will ship it to you direct!

Edge RPG Wins Judge’s Spotlight at 2012 Ennies Awards

Outrider Studios’ seminal rpg product, Edge, has just won a Judges Spotlight award at the 2012 Ennies. It was a surprise and an honour to receive the award, and we would like to thank the Judges for their consideration, our friends and families for all of their support, and especially our fans, whose enthusiasm and dedication is why we make games.

You can find more information on all of the 2012 Ennie winners here. If you are interested in purchasing Edge, you can find it in both PDF and softcover formats. If you want to see more books in the Edge universe, let us know in Forums, and keep playing the game.