Read on for exclusive online resources including maps, character sheets, and modules for Edge!

Detailed Character Sheets

First we have an ultra high resolution version of the character sheet from the back of the Edge RPG book. (Warning, big file)
High Resolution Character Sheet

While the character sheet in the back of the Edge book is great, you might want a more detailed record for you character. Click below for character sheets custom tailored to your class.
Edgemaster Character Sheet
Chosen Character Sheet
Dreamweaver Character Sheet

Maps of Deomeidh

Below are some computer generated maps showing the lands and each nation of Deomeidh.
First, here is a high res map of The Known World

The Nations

Alainn – A beautiful, tiny nation of orchards and vineyards.

Aigeann Islands – The Aigeann Empire is so spread out that we need a separate map to show the Aigeann Colonies on the mainland.

Braile Corsa – The Demonic Theocracy of Braile Corsa wraps around the inland swaps of Deomeidh’s Southwest.

Durlus – Bordered by the dangerous Frith Callit, Durlus is a small but tough nation.

Fail-Cala – The second largest, and most wealthy, country in Deomiedh, Fail-Cala’s cities line the “Ring Bay” in the Northeast.

Farran Shenn – The Matriarchy of Farran Shenn is dominated by open plains.

Machair – The Angelic Theocracy of Machair is somewhat isolated in Deomeidh’s Northwest. It’s central plain is known as the “Dragon Scar” and still has not recovered from a rampage by the great dragon over five hundred years ago.

Sorcha – Deomeidh’s largest nation, Sorcha is a land of towers, castles, and knights.