The Game

Welcome to Edge: The Roleplaying Game

The World

Life is balance. Balance is conflict. Conflict is Deomeidh.

Where all things collide, there is the Edge. It is a force so powerful that those who master it can only hold but a splinter of its complexity. In that splinter, they can hold the world. They can hold Deomeidh.

Deomeidh is a world of intrigue and adventure. From the hallowed courts of Alainn, to the overgrown wilderness of Durlus, to the ancient keeps of Sorcha, the world tells of its past. Now it needs people to speak for its present, people who will act for its future. Deomeidh needs heroes.

The Characters


The creature was extraordinary. The way its hindquarters faded out of this realm in smoke and shadow, whisking in and out of reality. Morgain felt terrible to destroy it. He felt the weakness in his wrists as he raised his sword. He thought of its claws, of its fangs, of the harm it had done to the road’s travelers. It made it easier to swing the blade.

Edgemasters are the greatest warriors of Deomeidh. They live by their blades, each weapon forged with a splinter of the Edge. They are connected to the Edge at their very core, cultivate it within themselves, and unleash its powers on those who are not worthy to breathe the air of Deomeidh. This connection to the Edge gives great power to the Edgemaster who wields it. There is no adventure too daunting for an Edgemaster to undertake, but Deomeidh holds dangers that even the bravest Edgemaster may not survive.


Diora put her back to the canyon wall to face her pursuer. His eyes gleamed with hatred, the same hatred that he had used to hunt her down these past weeks. Diora knew there would be no understanding the mind of a zealot. His hammer was stained with the blood of Weavers with twice her mettle. She felt fear and choked it back. He took up the hammer in his armored hand. Diora filled hers with a nightmare.

Dreamweavers are trained to take the weave of conscious minds that which most people can only imagine, and give it conscious form. Their motivations are as unique as their creations and can journey far beyond simple fame and fortune. Being so uniquely dangerous, Dreamweavers are hunted by those who cannot understand or harness their powers. They are feared and despised, but also coveted for their connection with the Weave. A Dreamweaver with intelligence and determination can be a vicious opponent, or a powerful ally.


Theos’ wife had no breath when he reached her. He cast away his sword to cradle her head, but weeping was no solace. Not even the Church’s revered teachings could fill his void, the same teachings that had shown him how to cross the barriers of life and death, to trade one sacred soul for another. He took up the sword, pressed the tip to his empty heart, and slid the blade through his ribs. Theos prayed that he had not waited too long.

Chosen are the soldiers of the Angelic and Demonic Churches. Like all good soldiers they can deal both death and life. Though a powerful war fighter, the Chosen also hold the ability to heal the sick and wounded, protect their friends from harm, and even bring the dead back to life. But, like everything in Deomeidh, these powers come at a cost. It is the Chosen’s burden to weigh the morals of all of his actions against the greater good, or ignore those morals completely.

The System

The Edgemaster’s blade was both drawn and sheathed in the blink of an eye. It took her adversary more than a moment to notice that it had passed through his throat along the way.

Both heroism and cowardice are determined in a moment. A duel is not an hour-long engagement, but a lightning strike of cruelty and skill. Kindness is not a grand gesture, but a simple stroke. A speech is only as effective as its single, most meaningful word. Because of this Edge uses the new RapidFire dice system.

The Rapidfire system is designed to ensure that story and narrative will never be bogged down by heavy rules. It is fast, simple, efficient, and inclusive, which not only adds immediacy to the action of your story, but also makes Edge a fun experience for role players of all levels.

The Game Masters

The island temple was like nothing Brant had ever seen in all his years in the Exploration Guild. The Scribblers would surely pay a pretty penny for what he could unearth here, but he could feel his guide’s uneasiness. ‘We should not be here sir. There are living nightmares in this place.’ The guide warned. Brant was uninterested. He drew the jeweled rapier from his hip and took up the torch himself, ‘Nonsense! There’s a story here that yearns to be told.’

Every story requires a teller and unlocking the magic and mayhem of Deomeidh is not a task for the faint at heart. But the world congratulates a leader. It takes creativity and tenacity to take your players safely through the tribulations of Deomeidh, or lead them to ruin. Enriched themes of honour, loyalty, betrayal, and love make this mythic world turn and it takes a Game Master to ensure the players turn with it.

For those who wish to tell the stories of Deomeidh, there are revolutionary battle rules, a bestiary, ready-made NPC characters, and a detailed world of danger and intrigue to tell their story. There is even a comprehensive list of every pub in Deomeidh, should the GM be in need of a quick starting point.

The Players

Time seemed to slow when the blade broke. Recounting the event years later, each person who witnessed it would describe it in slow motion. Splinters of steel burst from Rowan’s broken sword and his voice, muffled by his crested helmet, breathed his most revolutionary challenge. All the sons and daughters of Deomeidh now know the words, each citizen cherishes them, but not all can rise to fulfill them…

Those who brave Deomeidh will need cunning, strength, and determination simply to survive. They will use the power of the Edge, Weave, and Faith to combat their enemies, care for their friends, and determine their destiny. These hardships will not be endured easily, but Rowan’s call was not for those who believe that courage is simply a sentiment.

… ‘There are heroes among you… Become them!’